Airline Companies Charging Outrageous Change Fees

You think the cost of flying is darn right in left field?… you’re absolutely right!!

Costs are rising for fares even though food and checked baggage are no longer included. Are the airline companies being managed properly? It may appear so, until you need to cancel or make a flight change. American Airlines, just to name one of the many who charge customers an average of $800 to change a flight on top of the $200 that was already paid for insurance. That is $1000 per trip. People please read the fine print before booking and when you book be sure to know your getting on that plane.

I have had many folks post their nightmare experience about airline companies and most of these complaints are about the added tax, the service charges, and now the outrageous change fee that is charged regardless of the reason. People are getting stung by all these extra and hidden fees and the airline companies are like horse riding train robbers stealing their money.

I phoned American Airlines to ask them about the change fee and no one was available to comment. Folks…

Sky way robbery

When Does Governments Around The World Say Enough Is Enough???

France is mourning today after the latest terrorist attack. Over 125 people are dead and families are grieving. ISIS clamming responsibility over the attack in Paris. Time has come to really deal with these morons. ISIS how cowardly are you? yellow bellied cowards!!

Governments around the world need to open their eyes and really see this ISIS, horse shit needs to stop and it needs to stop right now before more innocent people are killed. How many more families in the free world need to be hurt or killed because of an idiot group like ISIS??


VW Lies to Consumers

Volkswagen lies to its consumers and believes they deserve a second chance. Should they?

Well, VW needs to understand that falsifying documentation is against the law and simply a moral crime against their product buyers. What should VW do?

German engineering down the tubes. Deserved. BAIL OUT?


Second Amendment What a Crock, Who Are They Kidding?

For so long the United States and it’s people have known their patriotic right and belief. The Second Amendment of the United States says this….

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Did you hear that? yes you did. Seriously, this is the biggest bullshit line of history I have ever heard. Are you kidding people…

The United States is not a free state. You pay Taxes, that is not a free state.

Well let me me tell you citizens of the USA, grow up and get with the times. If you want to hang a gun on the wall, really believe the world is going to come to an end, and shooting your own is the right thing to do…

“Man Up”

If you really want to help your country and have the right to bear arms, do us all a favor…. Help your fellow service men and women, who put their lives on the line everyday;  join the military to help protect boarders and our good neighbors from the the real threat…. ISIS

Come on people, promote the moral rights of being a country.

Sorry NRA, do us us all a favor close the doors and grow the hell up. Stop living in the past. Stop promoting the past, and protect your borders in camouflage.

Should the United States Have Gun Control Legislation?


guns1“Baby, pack up the kids and we are going to Walmart.”

“Why hunny?…”

“They are having a gun sale!!! Yeehaaw!!”

In the United States, folks can buy guns anywhere, and how easy it it? It is as easy as buying a KitKat Bar from the gas station. School shootings, murders, and crime… all from the trigger of a gun. Yes, it is a decision someone makes, but decisions are premeditated and the US government is not doing their job in protecting innocent people. Besides, when you can walk the streets of Baltimore, and pay cash for an assault riffle at the corner store downtown, something is wrong with this. When you can buy a riffle for $200, and bullets are priced like candy, that is bullshit, and that is criminal. For the USA government to allow people to have such easy access to killing weapons; shame in them.

Cabinet Ministers Sought Out for J.T.s “Team”

This is really happening and Justin Trudeau is stacking his team in efforts to promise Canadians everything. Let me tell you this, that green horn is in way over his head in this. Leading a county takes more then empty promises. We will weigh in throughout the days coming and see how Justin’s decisions are the beginning of the end.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes and More Tax is Really What Canadians Voted. Liberal Red Ready to Drive Canada Into the Red

Canada is flying red as the Liberal government takes its place in Ottawa. What really happened?

Canadian’s seen that Harper, the former Prime Minister was in to long and it was time to make a change. Lets not fool anyone here. Canadians think that Justin Trudeax….

justin1 oooops, for a minute there almost forgot his name. Mr. Trudeau takes power in Ottawa and promises Canadians the world.

I say, Canadians, lets not forget Pierre. I guess Canadians got amnesia on Canadian political history.

Canada, your doomed!

Perrier Trudeau who took power in Canada in the 70s, really showed Canadians how to balance a budget and how it… “balanced itself” The National Energy Plan was a disaster, his budgeting was a disaster his leadership was a shit show.

Son like father? We think so.

jusins dad

Donald Trump for President… oh ya he will.

donald 1Hail to Donald Trump, this guy knows exactly what he is doing. immigration, policy and just simply truth. I’m talking about a little red neck. This is what every American needs to hear is the truth. Maybe when Trump is elected he will clean out the shit that resides on Capital Hill and run America like a country no a stack of heaping bullshit!

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